Protection Motivation
Other: Annual physical examination, union benefits
Welfare: Work meals, shuttle buses, birthday benefits, holiday benefits
Holidays: Annual leave, statutory public holiday, marriage leave, maternity leave
State statutory welfare: pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, housing provident fund
Cash income: Basic salary, performance bonus, all kinds of allowances


Compensation distribution principle

Compensation distribution carries out the basic principles of distribution according to work and giving priority to efficiency, taking factors into account such as social price level, the company's ability to pay, the value of employees' position and their contribution


Compensation distribution principle

The salary system takes the position salary system as the core and follows the principles of combining salary orientation and value, internal incentive and external competition.


Compensation distribution principle

The performance bonus is distributed according to the company's operation status and the performance of departments and individuals

Talent Recruitment

Investor Relations

Career Development

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